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    About us

    Anhui Huilong Group Youngsun Pesticides Co.,Ltd.
    • 100
      China's top 100 pesticide enterprises with the most growth
    • 27
      Obtained 27 patents
    • 30
      Top 30 pesticide preparations

    Anhui Huilong Group Youngsun Pesticides Co., Ltd. is a Ruimeifu Holding Company under the control of Anhui Huilong Agricultural Materials Group Co., Ltd.; as a nationally licensed pesticide manufacturer, our production base is located in Hefei Circular Economy Park, with an area of ??24,000 square meters, a 20,000 square meters of modern production factory, a 1,000 square meters of enterprise technology research and development center, and a 8,700 square meters of industry-leading intelligent integrated plant and filling area. Now, our production process adopts the DCS system and realizes the whole process of computer control, so as to maximize the production management goals of our company and make our company become a leading pesticide processing and production base in China, with an annual production capacity of more than 10,000 tons.

    At present, 57 independent brand registration certificates and 104 registered trademarks of our company have been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, and our company carries out diversified businesses such as independent brand products, foreign trade, Tech pesticide trade, third-party cooperation and platform business, etc. At present, our products include high-efficient Herbicides, Bactericide, Insecticides, micro-fertilizers and preparations processed and exported by our company such as WDG.WSG.WP.SC.SE.SL. SP.FS.EC.EW.AS and so on. We now are a manufacturer and trader of environment-friendly pesticides with low toxicity, high efficiency and high quality.

    Up to now, our company has obtained a number of certificates, including high-tech enterprise certification, Anhui Enterprise Technology Center, Hefei Certified Enterprise Technology Center, Brand Demonstration Enterprise in Hefei, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification and Safety Standard Level Three Enterprise Certification; we also have obtained 19 patents; our company has successively won the title of the top-00 growth company in China's pesticide companies; since 2014, our company has been ranked among the top 30 pesticide preparation sales in China for 7 consecutive years.

    In the future, Youngsun will continue to uphold the concept of "serving modern agriculture, providing farmers with the most valuable pesticide products and the best scientific and technological services", and continue to increase R&D investment in the technology center, brand promotion and extension, and focus on the exploration of new fields of biological fertilizers and water-soluble fertilizers. At the same time, we will continue to make transformation and upgrading, consolidate the potential for development, strive to build a comprehensive agricultural service platform, and then become a pioneer and practitioner for the social service system construction of China's agricultural modernization, and make new contributions to China's modern agricultural development and food safety.

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